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About Us

IRG Informatics is committed to helping clients achieve success in the complex area of Management, Process  and Quality Improvement . We focus in the business, government, not-for-profit and public sectors with a focus on health and social services, and our experience shows. Our clients include very large national or provincial/state level organizations in the United States and Canada tasked to implement improvements for their citizens. We are also experienced in helping service delivery organizations deliver best practice governance and processes to their clients. 



Our core consulting team averages over 20 years of direct public sector management experience. We combine solid management experience with expert skills and knowledge of best practices. We have solid experience and understanding of the issues facing the service industries,  including First Nations, in providing the best possible, innovative, efficient and cost-effective services



We have extensive experience in both the U.S. and Canadian market, allowing us to provide clients with our knowledge of best practices from both countries. We have an in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Public Sector including local issues.  In the Health Sector, our extensive U.S.-based work on the development of functionality requirements, Meaningful Use and Clinical Quality Measurement has given us an excellent and in-depth understanding of needs and requirements. We can translate this experience into best practices in the management of the health system. We have worked closely with all types of stakeholders to understand their needs and translate requirements into actionable plans and improved processes.  Our consultants have degrees and credentials in  Strategic Management, Project Management, Change Management, Financial Management,  Risk Management, Auditing and Governance, 


Our consultants have worked at the highest levels of Management and major Projects, in Canada and internationally, with proven leadership skills. We work in very complex industries and the introduction of new initiatives and technologies has increased that complexity considerably.  We provide a vision for the most significant change in the provision of public services in a generation. Our Leadership extends beyond services and technology to the development and promotion of Best Practice, Quality Assurance Standards and a culture of innovation. We have provided leadership in placing Public Services on track for successful improvement of their systems and successful implementation of comprehensive changes.




Welcome to IRG informatics

Committed to helping clients achieve success in the complex areas of Strategic, Change and Project Management,

we focus on the public sector and our experience and results show.

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