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 Consulting - Transformation - Project Management - Audits


  • Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Governance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Transformation

  • Financial Analysis and Forecasts

  • Business Cases

  • Privacy and Security

  • Data Management

  • Benefits Assessment


  • Full audit of a large provincial technology project

  • Provided assistance in the implementation of culturally based community services

  • Consulting for development of a provincial Architecture including physician order communications

  • Successfully leading multiple organizations in Strategic, Risk, Change,  and Project Management supporting Transformational Change

  • Multiple Privacy Impact Assessments including Vulnerability Analysis

  • Many more


  • Canadian Provincial Agencies

  • Canadian Government Agencies

  • US Government Agencies

  • Government Ministries

  • Health Authorities

  • Local Governments

  • Private Companies





Welcome to IRG Informatics

Committed to helping clients achieve success in the complex areas of Strategic, Change and Project Management,

we focus on the public sector and our experience and results show.


IRG Informatics is committed to helping clients achieve success in the complex area of Strategic and Project Management.  We utilize best practices  and detailed audits of processes and projects focusing on diverse public sector sector organizations.  We focus extensively in the public sector and our experience shows. Our clients include very large national or provincial level organizations as well as local governments in the United States and Canada tasked to implement services and improvements for their citizens. We are also experienced in helping public sector organizations and private organizations deliver best practice governance and processes to their clients including Federal Agencies, Crown Corporations, Provincial Ministries,  Regional Health Authorities, Companies,  and First Nations Organizations


IRG Informatics Inc. 

Guy Paterson, President

410 Whitewood Bay

Saskatoon, SK S7J 4K6 Canada


 Tel: (306) 222-4591

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